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Meet KING Dr HQ Nala
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Dr HQ Nala is a King, Apostle, and a Prophet with a divine insight of rightly dividing the Word. He is the founder/President and Bishop of Nala Mandate International, World of Plenty located in the City of Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. The church caters for thousands attendees on every given Sundays, with packed services every day of the week. The church provides a home for the hurting, discouraged, indebted, depressed, and confused.
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The King of the Plentian Nation visited Empangeni Embassy this Lord's Day.

King SoMnala clarified that he is there to talk of the World of Plenty. As a true Plentian you will never say that you are sick. Adding that in the unlikely event that you were to find him admitted in hospital, he still will never say that he is sick. The Gospel of Plenty is not about the bible. The Gospel of Plenty is about your faith; what you believe in. There are things stated in the bible that are irrelevant to us now because of the time we live in. With whatever you do, what is important is the reality and the fruits of what you are doing. His Majesty shared that he too used to question the testimonies that people shared when the World of Plenty started. God told him that trying to understand God with our natural mind is the same as a child in creche trying to comprehend things studied in university. Your satisfaction is not in your salary. Your salary should be a foundation for starting your own thing. If you want to earn a salary determined by you then start your own thing. Know that your employer does not only think of you and himself in the income that comes into the business. There are people with whom he made covenants with before you. Our belief as Plentians is that a salary is not to make you successful. What is important where you are employed is to gain experience and learn the way things are done. Know that you are a World of Plenty deployee wherever you are employed; not an employee. Learn the system of how things are done.

The Plentiologist informed the crowd that when he first came to Durban he started working in a clothing store and earned R10.00 a week. It taught him to live within his means and not create debts. He learned to match colours and dress properly. He learned to not steal because he had tried it but got caught. Further mentioning that he also started working at a bible school and whilst others where concentrated on money, he wanted to learn how to do things and was a volunteer; by the time he was done he was an administrator. He did not know that he was learning how to establish his ministry. And he learned that when you are committed and do things properly, maintaining a good character, people become considerate of you. You cannot desire plenty without learning to invest and save.

The Father of the Plentian Nation took time and advised his children even on their dress sense. And exclaimed that
everything you wear depicts somebody and a spirit that inspired us. The King clearly made it known that he googles the origin of every dress style. To be wise and gain understanding, listen to the instruction of your father and the teachings of your mother. The mother seeks explanation from the father if she does not understand and teaches her children. As a Plentian, the Gospel of Plenty does away with the lusts of this world. His Majesty stated that he does not love beautiful things, he loves God of beautiful things. If it is enough then it is not enough until it is more than enough.The Nation was cautioned that the Law of the World of Plenty is that you never let your secrets or dirty linen be known by one person. Let it be known by the whole world. He stressed that he does not do anything that will cause him to be scared in front of the world should people know. Life is not a good life just because you do not make mistakes. In reality, the life we live now is very dangerous. Know that when you leave a certain programme playing on your radio or TV set, you connect to that specific spirit. The King advised Plentians that whatever plays in the background as you sleep, you connect to it; whether you are aware of it or not. Rather sleep with Izwelenala FM playing in the background and you can turn down the volume. The reason Christians will not get people in the rural areas is because the people in rural areas believe in the science of faith not science. The testimonies from Zululand are so powerful for they are unrehearsed and so genuine.

World of Plenty is of a life that is wise and of the spirit. It is marked with humility and sharp mind. A sharp mind is created by God and being able to take instruction. Remember that you do not have your own choice in the presence of a king. That is why not everyone can be allowed next to the king. It is for mature people. The church accepts that they will be kings on earth but does not want kings to come from the house of God. If you value somebody you can never lose sight of that person in your presence. You want to guard everything that may affect that person. A man of God should always be surrounded by people who will serve him.

In this world that is full of recession, natural disaster, wars; with a spirit of looting, with terrorists, a world filled with diseases, this is what I believe- the World of Plenty Philosophy is the answer to all these tragedies to help us navigate life to a victorious life. King SoMnala shared that he has acquired every title he has ever wanted. Now his glory is to pick up those who are down. The lower people desire to go up and those who are up would love to come down. The World of Plenty, has helped him and has helped people. The King took time to remind Plentians that he told them that he will beat up those people who trouble you and this year he announced they will die, and it is happening; you have heard the testimonies. Now you will see that as they talk evil of King SoMnala a hand will appear and slap them. It was further shared by the Plentiologist that he has seen the Gospel of Plenty having been wanted with guns; having had muthi used trying to get him; he have seen people who were having their possessions stolen but the thieves see him appear. This is the World of Plenty. The Gospel of Plenty is not for cowards. King SoMnala added that when he enters a room or stands to preach there is respect in the house.

There is not a solution that the World of Plenty does not have. His Majesty exclaimed that ever since he has known of the World of Plenty he does not know a problem that cannot be solved. Imagine if we were scared to minister to people who come with situations that seem impossible to us, we would not have all these testimonies we have now. The Gospel of Plenty is not just a theoretical concept to be learned. It is a reality that is continually experienced by those who believe it. The Gospel of Plenty is a practical thing, a living thing, that performs. The Plentiologist explained that he does not heal you by laying his hand on you but you are healed by the anointing of God. Any person who is seeking his secret or trying to learn how he does what he does is wasting his time. He did not do anything but be chosen by God. Therefore wait until God chooses you too. God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His people. Why would God condemn those who trouble you if they are sent by Him. It is not God's will that you be troubled, try to find where you may have opened a loophole when attacked. It is sad that having said all these things about the World of Plenty, many of which you know, many great teachers still believe that the Gospel of Plenty is a heresy. A tree is known by its fruits. The Gospel of Plenty is the power of God unto salvation and to have more than enough.

King SoMnala shared that the year he accepted the World of Plenty is the year he bought his first house and the church bought him a car. From that year he has never been sick. True riches and wealth are in the mind and heart. It is not much of who he is but whose he is. He is of God. God does not depend on the matter or substance. Substance comes from Him. He is the evidence of the evidence. God does not have a name directly His for none could name Him. All that we call Him are His praises. The riches of South Africa were buried in the ground until people with resources to release that wealth came and they set up systems to ensure they always make wealth from it. God is the beginner of the beginning for He has no beginning for in Him is the beginning. Everything exists through faith. Unbelief is doubting God and rejecting all the opportunities God could reward you with for believing in Him.

King SoMnala stated that to Plentians this is so real to the point they see him appear before them. Through your thought system and beliefs you always have " King SoMnala". Faith is not passive it is an action. When you stay in a one room; tell people you live a supernatural house. That turns into any compartment you require it to be. One thing that shows how strong you are is being able to turn the negative to positive. The issue is not having a rich hand but playing the poor hand well.
Look at where King SoMnala is today having been born in a family with not even a bicycle.

Have respect for yourself where you are. The fact that you came here regardless of your situation shows you have greater faith. Never despise your offering or be offended by the fools who judge your offering for you know what you have.

The Gospel of Plenty is the power of God to eradicate poverty. Material possessions do not define or make me. God was a Creator before He even created and He created because He is a Creator. The Prophet declared that you will have millions deposited into your account. You will be given houses; be called into a job you did not apply for. You are a Plentian with or without money. The Plentian you are chases away poverty and sickness in your life. Speak the things that you want to see in your life. God causes your enemies to bow before you. He causes you to live in peace with them. The Plentiologist made it known that he kills his enemies with love and success. Keep all the enemies that trouble you and keep the records of what is happening in your life so that you can bring it in for your testimonies. You will need it. King SoMnala exclaimed that he too wishes he had pictures of the shack he stayed in, the brown pants with an iron stain and of the meals he had with Queen MaMbatha recently after they got married. How big is your glory where you are going is determined by where you started and with what you started. Never despise where you started. Wait for your time. God knows you, fear not!

King SoMnala led the crowd in worship and reverence of the God of Plenty. He also announced that the Lord instructed him to declare Empangeni Embassy as the House of Ambassadors.